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2 fencers en guarde. Sketch by unknown artist. Win or lose wheelchair fencers in Athens are getting the
electric chair...a look at the rules of this ancient sport.
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Athlete : Jayant Mistry
Event : Wheelchair Tennis

Great Britain's Nº1 and World's Top 10 wheelchair tennis player. 37 years old, full time athlete. Why Jayant is a serious medal contender

Jayant Mistry GB Tennis Player Head Shot
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All About Wheelchair Basketball Chairs

Since the early 1980's wheelchair basketball players have demanded that wheelchair manufacturers produce lightweight chairs that are quick, strong and can turn on the spot.

Like a lot of sports the athlete with the best 'kit' has the edge over his equally able opponent.

Just as no star of the NBA wear's his street shoes on court - the same happens with wheelchair basketball.

Every full-time wheelchair user playing basketball will have a separate lightweight wheelchair specially designed for the basketball court - as well as their lightweight everyday wheelchair.

Most sports wheelchairs are made from the toughest and lightest steel or titanium.

Many basketball chairs now incorporate a 5th wheel at the back, adding to the rigidity and preventing the chair from flipping backwards during play.

Basketball is a contact sport and tests wheelchairs to the limit, note the footplate protection bar. The strength of the chair without compromising the weight (typically around 12 kilos) or the performance is the key to a good basketball chair.

The wheelchair basketball chair's on display in Athens will often look something like the 'Quickie All-Court' in this photo.

Note the marked camber, this allows for incredibly quick turning.
Typical Wheelchair Basketball Chair. Photo of the Quickie All-Court

The average basketball wheelchair will cost around $1500.

No surprises when you see the top wheelchair basketball teams are from the economically advanged areas of the world.

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